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How To Pack

Helpful tips from our experts.

packing glass

Ensure it all makes it there safe and sound

Packing a home is an involved process. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips from our experts on how to pack your personal belongings to ensure everything makes it to your new home safe and sound.

  • Start early! Packing an entire home is more involved than most people think. Create a game plan for packing the entire house and get started on the non-essential areas of your home first.
  • Use good materials. Corrigan has specialized packing material available for sale, or you can also purchase material from your local supply store.

  • Be aware that some items can’t be moved. Items that are combustible, flammable, or caustic need to be left behind. Check with your Corrigan customer service representative for a complete list of non-allowables.

  • High-value belongings require special attention! If you pack them, they need to be itemized and left in an unsealed box so your Corrigan van operator can inspect them before loading.

  • Make sure everything is ready to go BEFORE moving day.

For additional packing tips and tricks, be sure to check out our How-to videos, our blog articles, or request a Doing Your Own Packing brochure from your move coordinator.



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