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Moving on a Budget -5 Money Saving Tips

portable moving storage

1. Avoid the Moving Season

Plan an out-of-season move, ideally between October and April. During the late spring, summer and early fall, moving companies keep their prices high because their services and products are in demand. Outside of those seasons many moving services drop their prices in an effort to drum up business.

2. Downsize BEFORE the Move, Not After

Begin doing this weeks, even months before the move. Sort storage areas, closets, the garage, and all the nooks and crannies around the house that may be hiding things you don’t need, and forgot you even own. This will reduce the amount of packing you have ahead of you, and the amount of space you need to move in the truck, or portable moving container.

That box you still haven’t unpacked since the last move 10 years ago?? Time to open it. Donate, toss, or sell anything you don’t want or need.

Use sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell larger and more valuable items. If you know you’re buying new furniture for the new house or the kids finally get their own rooms so there’s no need for the bunk bed – don’t move the old stuff, sell it. This will put a little extra money in your pocket for the move, and again, reduce how much you move, saving you both time and money.

3. Do it Yourself – Consider a Moving Container

What if you want a larger time window to load and unload, such as a situation where you’re doing all of the moving yourself without much help? A moving container might be a good idea. This is also a huge convenience if you’re staging your home for sale. Pack anything you don’t need for the next couple of months into a container. It will then be tucked away in a warehouse until you’re ready to unload at your new home.

With a moving container, a company simply parks a large container in your driveway, and you fill it at your own pace. When you’re ready, you contact the container company, and the service moves it to your new home where you unload it at your convenience, calling them to take away the empty container when you’re done. Corrigan Cube will service your local move in the Southeast Michigan area with competitive rates and unbeatable customer service.

If loading and unloading quickly is an obstacle for you, or you don’t want to drive a moving truck, a container is a good low-cost option to consider.

4. Track down free boxes

Brand new boxes aren’t necessary for moving. There are so many resources for used boxes, this is an EASY way to shave a few bucks off your moving budget.

  • Send out a post on social media asking friends that have recently moved for their boxes. Chances are they’ll be happy to let you come and pick up as many as you need. Moving companies charge for this service (debris pickup) , so you’re saving money on both sides!
  • Bring empty boxes from your office or workplace; printer-paper boxes are strong and perfect for heavy items like books and cast iron pans. Bring home a few a day, and pack as you go!
  • Ask your local liquor store.  -Boxes used for heavy glass bottles are generally cleaner than those from a grocery store
  • Check behind department stores like Kohl’s or larger strip stores like Home goods and Marshall’s. You may be able to ask when their delivery days are. Plan to go when they will have a large number of boxes out back from the new inventory.

5. Meal Plan 

We often fail to plan for the added cost of food during the packing, moving, and unpacking process. Set aside 1 box of essential kitchen items needed for a few basic meals. Label it clearly so you know it’s the last to be packed, and the first to be unpacked. Not having a pan, coffee pot, or spatula handy will make it very tempting to order takeout any time someone gets hungry. This adds up fast, and after a few meals, leaves you feeling sluggish too – impacting your motivation to get packed/unpacked. Using a grocery service like Shipt, or curbside pickups offered by many grocers, will also save you a ton of time you could be spending unpacking. Don’t forget to include paper plates and cups in your shopping list.