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Do-It-Yourself Moving

Eliminate "moving day" stress

Convenience, flexibility and control

Whether you’re looking for a DIY local moving option, need temporary storage while moving between homes, or just some extra storage during home staging or downsizing, we can help. Corrigan provides convenience, flexibility, and control of your move.

Moving & Storage Solutions to Meet Your Needs

DIY moving saves you time, effort, and stress with the convenience of one solution for both moving and storage. You no longer have to choose between a full-service move or renting a truck and mini-storage unit. And if you do want a little extra help, check out the add-on service options with Corrigan Moving Systems, a family owned moving company with nearly 90 years of experience.

moving storage
portable moving storage

Storage Made Easy

Moving out, but not sure where yet? Have too much to move into your new house, or just need to store some of it while selling your current one?

Having the convenience of a portable storage container on site provides the ability to load at your own pace, and store it temporarily. We can keep it on site, or bring it back to our warehouse for storage. When you’re ready, we’ll bring it back, or we’ll deliver it directly to your new residence.

DIY Moving

Corrigan knows that moving can be stressful. We provide the convenience of having a container delivered when you’re ready, and moving it when you’re done! You can keep it as long as you’d like on a month-to-month rental agreement. You can pack and load at your own pace, to your own high standards, and no one else will be able to handle your valuable belongings once you’re done.

Give us a call, and we’ll move it directly to your new Southeast Michigan location, or bring it to our warehouse for storage.

Add-On Services

Take advantage of Corrigan Moving Systems for all your moving needs. Sometimes even with DIY moving, a little help from the experts goes a long way.


  • Need help? Our crews are highly trained in proper packing methods to provide the best security for your belongings while in transit. They can pack anything from your entire house to just the breakables.
  • Need boxes? If you’re planning to pack yourself, stop by your local office to purchase packing materials.
  • Packing yourself? Check out our How to Pack tips and tricks to make the most of your space.


  • Too Heavy? Let our crews do the heavy lifting. We can load and unload as much or as little as you need.
  • Short on time? Depending on the size of your move, loading and delivery can take place in one day or on consecutive days.


Portable Containers have a full range of services to meet your moving and storage needs.