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portable storage rentals
Residential Moving & Storage
Business Moving & Storage
Container Features


You load...we move! Just load your belongings into the moving container. You can store on-site or in our climate-controlled warehouse.


Our moving storage containers sit level to the ground, so there are no dangerous ramps to worry about when loading.


Our sturdy, portable moving containers are constructed with waterproof materials and designed with moving in mind.


Store your container at your location, at our warehouse, or have us move the container to a new location.


Pack and unpack at your pace. Your moving container stays on-site as long as you like.


Our fast and friendly representatives are ready to help you with your moving needs seven days a week.

Business Solutions


Moving containers make it easy to move an employee or relocate an entire office. To help your employees move locally, Corrigan can either transport their personal belongings directly to their new home or store them in a warehouse until they are ready for them. To help you relocate, we can assist with packing your current office in addition to transporting or storing your goods.

Real Estate

A Corrigan Cube provides an efficient and convenient solution for your client’s moving and home selling needs, with options ranging from do-it-yourself to full-service. While staging a home, a container is perfect to help you de-clutter and maximize home appeal. We can even store the container in our climate-controlled warehouse until your client is ready for us to deliver it directly to their new home.


If you need space to store fixtures, furniture, seasonal items, or excess inventory, consider a Corrigan portable container. Our containers offer the flexibility and convenience retail environments demand. Since you can store them on-site, you can quickly and easily access items when you need them.


We will help you clear the way to begin your project and stay organized along the way. Keep your work site safe and clutter-free, while offering protection for your clients’ valued belongings or your own tools and supplies.


Portable Containers have a full range of services to meet your moving and storage needs.